Saturday, July 3, 2010

Naples, Italy

Today the Ruby Princess took Christy and I to Naples. Naples is a very busy city. It is the first city that we have been to that has a downtown with skyscrapers. The public transportation workers at Naples are currently on strike so there was a lot of traffic and people everywhere. We did not go into the city, we just drove through it on our way to Pompeii.
Pompeii, for those of you who failed history class, is a city near Mt. Vesuvius that was covered in ash when it erupted about 2,000 years ago. This preserved the city in a unique way that is pretty cool to see. Pompeii was about a 30 minute drive from the port in Naples. It was a good drive to see the city and surrounding areas, which was much different than Rome or Florence.
When we arrived at Pompeii we walked through a bunch of souvenir shops on our way to the front gate. We arrived at the gate and went up a steep hill of cobble stones. They warned us when we signed up and again on our tour pass that there would be a lot of walking on uneven terrain in Pompeii so we were prepared, unlike some others in our group including several older women and a skanky mom with high heals on (photo attached).
We walked through the ruins and took plenty of pictures. Some of the sights were amazing to see, others got repetitive and a little boring. The mosaics were especially interesting to see because some of them stayed completely intact throughout all the years. The houses we also cool, as well as the amphitheater. Throughout all of the ruins there were dogs that were for adoption. I’m thinking they were just strays that they wanted to get rid of. At the end of the tour we went back to the boat and laid out for the rest of the day, and I got sunburned. Tomorrow is a much needed at sea day. We can not wait to sleep in and do nothing all day.

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