Saturday, July 3, 2010

A day at sea

Russel and I enjoyed a long day at sea today - again the weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm. We slept in a lot longer than planned, but we didn’t mind. Although, we wish we had gotten up a bit earlier since everyone had the same plan as us - sit by the pool and sunbathe. After searching around for a while, we managed to find what seemed like the last two lounge chairs on the ship - and spent the day in the sun, resting up for another long stretch of ports. Dinner tonight was formal dress - so Russel put on his suit, and I put on my blue cocktail dress and we got to experience our first cruise ship formal night. Or as we nicknamed it, the “mom-prom”. We both expressed how lucky we are to have mothers who don’t dress like highschoolers in full length “prom” gowns. There were lines of people waiting to have their formal photos taken by the ship’s photographers - all standing in the traditional “prom” pose - oh, silly cruisers. There’s one more formal night on the ship - so I think Russel and I will have our picture taken then and do a silly pose - we have credit for one free photo aboard, so we might as well make the most of it!

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