Saturday, July 3, 2010

Corfu, Greece

Russel and I didn’t plan a tour today, since we‘re pretty tour‘d out, so we went out to explore Corfu on our own. Corfu is a rather large island, with plenty of sights to see. We first explored Corfu‘s “new town“ - where there is a large fortress and many modern shops. Then we went off to explore Corfu‘s “old town“. The older town was much more interesting - another fortress sat on an adjacent island, connected by a bridge. On the Corfu side, there is a large park and open area of museums and statues/monuments. We strolled through the park for a while, and explored some of the nearby shops. Again, narrow streets full of stores for jewelry, leather and beach-type souvenirs. However, in Corfu, there is an additional specialty - kumquat liquor. This liquor is only made in Corfu, and is made from the very sweet, orange-tasting kumquat fruit. We went into a store that was selling their own bottled kumquat liquor and they let us taste it. It’s very sweet, and has a similar taste to Grand Marnier. We bought a bottle to share when we get home. We also tried out the Greek version of McDonald’s in Corfu. I must say, besides the lack of the dollar menu, McDonald’s is really nice in Greece. The inside was really clean, really modern, and looked like a NYC restaurant (leather stools, geometric patterns on the walls, etc). The bathroom upstairs was for patrons only, and you had to enter a code on your receipt to unlock the door. We were pretty impressed - and the food wasn’t any different than the US, so we got a little taste of home. That was pretty much it for Corfu - afterwards we went back to the boat and sunbathed. It was our second and final “formal” night on the ship - we got all dressed up, and had a really nice dinner with our table. It was the Captain’s Gala dinner night, so we got to eat lobster and beef Wellington, and drink lots of wine. Definitely a nice way to conclude our trip. Tomorrow is our last day at sea, and then disembarkation in Venice!! This will be the final blog post until we get to Venice, or maybe Pittsburgh, because we have very limited access to the internet. Hope you all enjoyed reading!

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