Saturday, July 3, 2010

Athen, Greece

This morning we traveled to Athens, Greece and docked in Piraeus, a small port town outside the city. Our tour was in the morning, as usual, and took us up to the Acropolis. I didn’t realize how high up the Acropolis was, until we walked up to it. The Acropolis is a large area that overlooks the entire city of Athens. The views were incredible. The Parthenon, the most famous structure at the Acropolis, is in the process of being restored - as are most of the structures in the area. We also saw the temple of Hera and a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Victory, Nike. Mom-skank (as we have now named her) was on our tour again, and she managed to wear taller and spikier heels this time. Of course, she also had on her signature tube top and white shorts combination, and as expected, turned many heads (more gawking than admiring). Believe it or not, the woman managed to stay on her feet the whole tour, despite the very rocky, slippery and uneven terrain - even Russel and I slipped a few times in athletic shoes. After the Acropolis, our tour took us on a city drive through Athens - aka we were stuck in traffic for an hour and saw some cool things out the window. We were supposed to stop at the Olympic stadium and park for pictures, but at the last minute we weren’t allowed to stop because of traffic and the current security conditions in Athens. Fortunately, we got to slow down past the stadium though - since it was quite a landmark. After the city tour, Russel and I returned to the ship to relax for the remainder of the day. Next up: Katakolon, Greece.

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