Saturday, June 26, 2010

Monte Carlo

Russel and I didn’t have a tour scheduled for Monte Carlo, so we decided to sleep in and take our time around the city in the morning. Since we have an inside stateroom, we never know what time it is, and the only way our room brightens is if we turn the lights on. We set an alarm for 8:30am, but either didn’t hear it or it didn’t go off, because we woke up around noon. So, we set right out for lunch and exploring the city. Before we even stepped off the boat, the view was amazing. Yachts, Yachts, Yachts! The marina is full of yachts, some large and some small, all pristine. Some of the larger ones were as big as mansions, with hot tubs in back and helipads in the front. The cost of docking in Monaco is probably a fortune in itself, so it’s clear that these yachts belonged to some very wealthy people. Monte Carlo is a very small town – only about a mile long – and its major highlights are the marina, famous casino and the palace. The palace was much closer to the ship, and neither of us are big gamblers, so we decided to focus on the palace area of the city. We climbed up the side of a large hill to the palace, and took in the beautiful view. Everything about the town is picturesque – we discussed with some people afterwards that it didn’t even feel like it was a real place – it was so clean and perfectly kept. After roaming around through the palace area and small town on the hill, we strolled through the lush gardens, people (and car) watched, and did a little shopping in the boutiques. Lots of photos:

The marina
Russel and I at the top, near the palace

The famous casino

Helipad on a yacht
The streets of Monte Carlo
A small blog post for a small port – but definitely not a forgettable one. Next up: Florence and Pisa!!

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